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Computer Support Group


Computational Facilities

Steward has access to world-class high-performance computing facilities.  Within the department there is a 100-processor Beowulf cluster for general use.  Additionally, the University of Arizona houses two SGI supercomputers, a shared-memory SGI Altix with 768 cores, and a distributed-memory SGI Ice with 2748 cores; both are open for use by Steward personnel.  UofA also has an immersive 3-D visualization room called AZLive.

Computer Support Group

The Steward Observatory Computer Support Group (CSG) is a service unit supporting and enhancing Steward Observatory’s ability to fulfill its scientific objectives by providing effective and systematic technology support. We are committed to advancing our technological base: improving research and student learning, and collaborating with other campus technology divisions to enhance our infrastructure.

CSG supports and works collaboratively with all three communities of Steward Observatory: staff, faculty, and students. The members of the CSG are:

  • Trey Gacon 621-7654
  • Greg Rogers 621-7654
  • Carlos Burguillo 626-1582
  • Chris Johnson 626-8764
  • Philip Pinto, Faculty Representative

Some useful links maintained by the CSG follow.

Computer Support Policy / Registration Form (pdf file)

Mail List Aliases (requires login)

CSG Tools (requires login)