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From left to right: Ken Freeman, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, and Robert Kirshner. We will show three different speakers each week.

The Marc Aaronson @ 30 Science Symposium and Public Talk

The Symposium AND the Public Talk are in the Stevie Eller Dance Theater, east of LPL and of Ina Gittings.


News Flash: We are now able to offer Grad Students and Postdocs free Aaronson Science Symposium registration (please register for a head count). We have also frozen the Symposium registration at the early-bird price of $80.

As many of you have heard, we are giving thanks for 30 years of the Marc Aaronson Lectureship/Prize. For all of Tucson there will be a Public Talk by Steward's own Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt in the Stevie Eller Dance Theater. It costs $5 and tickets can be purchased HERE.

For Tucson scientists and out-of-town scientists, there will be a two-day, PhD-level Science Symposium, April 3 and 4,  in which we welcome back many of the Aaronson Lecturers of the past 30 years. Registration is required. The cost for the Symposium is $80. Registration for the scientific symposium can be done HERE. For Symposium participants there is also a Symposium Banquet on April 4 (additional registration required). (Also, registration for the public talk is NOT part of registration for the Symposium.)

The main website for information and registration and hotels and events can be found HERE. On this site you can read about Marc, read about the Aaronson Lectureship/Prize, find bios of the speakers, and find links to registration and to the symposium hotel. T

Oral talks are only being given by the Aaronson laureates. We welcome poster submissions from junior researchers (postdocs and grad students). We will try to accommodate all. More information will be sent to registered participants at a later date. We are still hoping to secure external funding for graduate students, so students should hold off on registering for the time being.

For the public
For Public

Public events include our Monday Night Lecture Series, world-reknowned Astronomy Camp and Mt Lemmon Sky Center.

For Students

A good place to start if you want to become an undergrad major or grad student, or need to find our schedule of classes.


For Scientists
For Scientists

Find telescopes and instruments, telescope time applications, staff and mountain contacts, and faculty and staff scientific interests.