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Jinyi Yang Will Be Our Second Strittmatter Fellow

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jinyi Yang, who has been a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Steward since late 2017, is going to become  (Fall 2020) Steward's second Peter A. Strittmatter Fellow, succeeding Dr. Taran Esplin. You can read about the fellowship HERE

Jinyi has kindly provided a brief synopsis of her current scientific projects:

"My main interests include the study of reionization-era quasars, of the history of reionization, and of early super-massive black holes (SMBHs).  I am currently working on a wide-field survey for quasars with redshifts beyond seven, which has yielded the discovery of a new redshift record breaking quasar, and performing the multi-wavelength follow up observations of these distant systems, from X-ray to radio wavelengths. As a Strittmatter Fellow, I will focus on the investigations of the reionization history at the redshift range z~6-7.5 and the SMBHs growth using our newly constructed z>~7 quasar sample, the first large statistical significant quasar sample in the reionization epoch. In addition, I will use ALMA high resolution imaging to directly measure the BH masses of the ultra luminous individuals and study the BH-host interaction in the central region surrounding the maximally accreting black hole. My on-going/future HST and JWST projects will also allow me to give deep insights into the early SMBHs and their host galaxies."    

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