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In Memory of Father Bill Stoeger, SJ, PhD, of the Vatican Observatory

Memorial Mass and Reception for Father William R. Stoeger, S.J., on Tuesday, April 22, at 5:00 pm at the Benedictine Monastery, 800 N. Country Club Road, Tucson AZ.
Priests who wish to concelebrate please bring an alb and white stole.
Please pass this invitation on to other friends of Father Bill Stoeger.
Inquiries to Fr. Chris Corbally

This remembrance was written by Jose Funes, the director of the Vatican Observatory, which has offices at Steward Observatory:

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Father Bill Stoeger, S.J.

He was called home to the Lord yesterday evening at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, California. The Jesuit Community of the Vatican Observatory has lost a brother, a friend and an outstanding scientist.

Bill Stoeger was a staff scientist for the Vatican Observatory Research Group in Tucson, specializing in theoretical cosmology, high-energy astrophysics, and interdisciplinary studies relating to science, philosophy and theology. The eight volumes of the Vatican Observatory and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences series on "God's Action in the World" attest magnificently to this broad-based work.

His sensitivity to others was shown in finding the right words for special Masses, in the regular calls he received to give retreats, and in the lives of the very many people to whom he gave spiritual direction. Bill's goodness, and his genius, never ceased to move those around him. He was one of the few who could excel not only at understanding and working with the mathematics of the Big Bang but also at directing retreats for religious men and women.

The funeral mass was held at 10:00 AM on Friday March 28 at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, CA.

Image courtesy NASA/Chris Gunn.

Engineers Install Near Infrared Camera into the Heart of Webb Telescope

NIRCam is provided by the University of Arizona and Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Please join our director, Buell Jannuzi in congratulating Benjamin Rackham, newly awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Ben’s proposed research, entitled “Strange New Worlds: Exploring the Super-Earth / Hot Neptune Transition through Transmission Spectroscopy”, uses the Magellan and MMT telescopes to study the atmospheric properties of low-mass exoplanets. By pushing the envelope of ground-based transmission spectroscopy, his observations will set the stage for the detailed characterization of the low-mass exoplanets NASA’s TESS satellite will discover in the years ahead.

Buell Jannuzi, Director Steward Observatory

Champions of Change

Benjamin Blonder, co-founder of the UA Sky School,  is being honored as a Next Generation of Conservation Leaders Champion of Change.

New view of supernova death throes

A powerful, new three-dimensional model provides fresh insight into the turbulent death throes of supernovas, whose final explosions outshine entire galaxies and populate the universe with elements that make life on Earth possible.

White House Honors Founder of UA's Sky School Project

A passion for science, nature and education led the UA's Benjamin Blonder to create Sky School, a project that has won him recognition as a White House Champion of Change


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