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Observed Density of Stars in the Milky Way's Outer Regions (NASA/ESA/JPL-Caltech/Conroy et. al. 2021)

Newest Press Releases and Photos from Astronomy/Steward

Here is some of the latest news.

1) LMC-Milky Way Interaction Simulations and Data

A wake of stars, created by a small galaxy set to collide with the Milky Way, is the highlight of a new map of the Milky Way's outer reaches. The observations confirm predictions made by a group of UArizona astronomers whose computer simulations test theories explaining the mysterious nature of dark matter. This work includes Nicolás Garavito-Camargo, Gurtina Besla, and Dennis Zaritsky. You can see press releases HERE and HERE.

2) Event Horizon Telescope Results

The Event Horizon Telescope team has released papers studying the M87 black hole in polarized light. You can find the press release HERE. Chi-Kwan Chan and Dan...

Three Upcoming Public Talks

The Dept. of Astronomy and Steward Observatory is hosting three talks in April.

The final, upcoming public talk for April, to be given in Spanish, is by Prof. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UC Santa Cruz, on April 26, at 7:30pm. The Youtube link for this upcoming talk is HERE. The Flyer, in Spanish, is HERE.

The other two events have passed but you can watch the archived talks at the links below:

The first, on April 5, at 7:30pm MST (note that Arizona does not keep  Daylight Saving Time) is by Dr Kevin Wagner, entitled "...

For the public
For Public

Public events include our Monday Night Lecture Series, world-reknowned Astronomy Camp and Mt Lemmon Sky Center.

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