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Haowen Zhang, Logan Pearce, and Haley Bowden

Congratulations! Our Spring 2024 College of Science Graduate Student Award Recipients

Haowen Zhang, Graduate Student of the Year & Scholarship Award Recipient

I am interested in two important aspects of galaxy formation and evolution:

1) What do supermassive black holes in galaxy centers look like in different galaxies and cosmic times?

2) What are the 3-dimensional shapes of galaxies, and how do they evolve with other galaxy properties, such as masses and ages?

Beyond these, I am also broadly interested in the large scale structure of dark matter in our Universe, as well as applying machine learning techniques to astronomy research.


Logan Pearce, Service Award Recipient

I study planets around other stars through the direct imaging technique, where we try to image small faint planets close to very bright stars. I am interested in how planets form and evolve, particularly in the presence of another massive star in the system.

Service Positions and Awards:

Run the local Astronomy on Tap show (called Space Drafts) since 2021, a monthly public astronomy outreach show.

2019-2020 served as a consultant for the UA Grad CollegeApplication Development Program helping peers prepare compelling NSF GRFP application materials.

Worked for three summers (2020, 2021, 2022) as a Research Project Leader for Warrior...

Haley Bowden, Teaching Award Recipient

Haley’s research is focused on using machine learning and cosmological simulations to study galaxy evolution and dark matter. Their current research with Dr. Peter Behroozi is focused on galaxies’ host dark matter halos and the role they play in shaping galaxy evolution. They study this connection using neural networks to learn about the invisible underlying dark matter halo properties. They also work with Dr. Tim Eifler on using future galaxy surveys to study cosmology.

Teaching Experience and Awards

Teaching Assistant for ASTR 400A: Theoretical Astrophysics: Stars (Fall 2023)


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