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GEMS Group

The Gender Minorities group (GEMS) at the Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory works to raise awareness around and promote gender equality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We welcome people of all genders who are interested in improving gender equality in the field of Astronomy, and particularly encourage those who identify as gender minorities (e.g., female, transgender, or non-binary) to join us.
During each semester, our community comes together in a safe space to discuss any challenges and opportunities that arise from being a gender minority in STEM.
The goals of GEMS are to:
- Provide social opportunities and career advice/support to gender minorities in an effort to support the participation of gender minorities in astronomy.
- Meet with visiting colloquium speakers, where we discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from science, life in general, careers, family issues, diversity issues, or whatever else the speakers bring up.
- Keep group members up-to-date on relevant opportunities, such as meetings with visitors elsewhere on campus, funding opportunities, etc.
- Facilitate department-wide mentoring programs between grad students, postdocs, and undergrads.
In the Fall 2020 semester we have or will be will be hosting chats with:
Emma Beasor, NSF OIR Lab
Monika Soraisam, University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign
Amy Reines, Montana State University
In the Spring 2020 semester, we hosted chats with:
Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, Los Alamos National Lab
Antonija Oklopčić, Harvard University
In the Fall 2019 semester, we hosted chats with:
Daniela Huppenkothen,  University of Washington
Christina Williams, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Jennifer Johnson, Ohio State
Diana Dragomir,  MIT
Maria Drout,  University of Toronto
Jessica Werk,  University of Washington
Rebecca Jensen-Clem,  UC Berkeley
Camille Avestruz, University of Michigan

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our email listserv, please contact Karen Olsen at


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