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Recent Science Press Releases

Here are links to three recent science news articles from the Dept. of Astronomy/Steward Observatory: Hot Jupiters, protocluster of galaxies at redshift 2, "special deliveries" podcast.

1) NASA Sagan Fellow Megan Mansfield led a study of the chemical makeup of Hot Jupiters. A coauthor is David Sing, who got a BS from UArizona Astronomy in 2000.

2) Associate Professor Brenda Frye was part of a team discovering members of a protocluster of galaxies at redshift 2. Two press releases can be seen HERE and HERE. Former Steward postdoc Hervé Dole is also a coauthor.

3) Ass't Professor Erika Hamden was ob a poscast about "special deliveries", "when it absolutely has to be there...", LINK.  "This hour, TED speakers explore the often perilous journey of crucial deliveries."


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