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9/13/18: SO/NOAO Joint Colloquium Series: John Blakeslee, Gemini Observatory


Title: What’s the Plan for Gemini?

For the past 17 years, the international Gemini Observatory has provided its partner communities with coverage of both hemispheres, a suite of optical/infrared instruments, adaptive optics capabilities, and a flexible operational model well-suited to diverse scientific applications, including rapid follow-up of transient events as well as large observing campaigns requiring observations of widely scattered targets with strict observing constraints. However, a number of things have changed over the years, and further evolution is in store. This talk will provide an update on the latest Gemini news, ranging from science and instrumentation projects to the Observatory partnership and leadership. I will also describe Gemini’s plans for the coming decade. The current plan includes enhancement of Gemini’s ability to respond to transient events, the ability to operate within a larger time-domain follow-up network, delivery of science-ready data to users, and the deployment of a new wide-field AO system at Gemini North. I look forward to your feedback on how to further align Gemini with community interests and increase overall scientific productivity.