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Left photo: courtesy Jenny Greene; Right photo: then-grad-student Marc Aaronson, with Jay Frogel and Eric Persson, courtesy Palomar Observatory.

The 19th Marc Aaronson Memorial Lectureship

We are pleased to announce that Jenny Greene, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton, has been chosen to be the 19th Marc Aaronson Prize winner. Jenny will visit Tucson in the spring and will deliver a colloquium on February 14, 2019 and public lecture on February 18, 2019. 
Professor Jenny Greene is a pioneer in the work of finding the relationship between galaxies and the massive black holes that they host in their centers. A particularly important part of this work has been detecting and determining the masses of black holes in especially low mass galaxies, building on the initial work done by others on high-mass galaxies.
Professor Greene has led an innovative and constantly evolving research program, covering a broad range of important topics. Professor Greene has characterized the properties of “active” nuclei, that is the galaxies where the central black hole is presently being observed to accrete matter from their surroundings, and also explored the properties of the stellar halos and tidal debris surrounding galaxies. Professor Greene's enthusiasm and the diversity of her research program further ensures that her Aaronson Prize visit will attract a wide range of interest and excitement among the public and the community at Steward Observatory and NOAO.

You can read more about the Aaronson Prize at

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