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Image courtesy of Frank Gacon.

Steward Internal Symposium and Grad Student Photo

The semi-annual Steward Internal Symposium was held on Sept 15, 2017, from 9:30am to 5:30pm, with a reception following.  Besides Steward faculty, grads, technical staff, and undergrads, our guest speakers included  NOAO and NSO staff, ASU students and faculty, an NAU student, and the recently retired science writer at the Arizona Daily Star, Tom Beal. We took advantage of the Symposium to celebrate two birthdays: Emeritus Professor Nick Woolf's 85th birthday and Emeritus Professor John Cocke's 80th. Both Nick and John gave double-length talks, reviewing "Telescopes and Early Leaders in Arizona Astronomy," and "the 1969 Crab Nebula [Optical Pulsations] Discovery: Doubt and Disobedience," respectively.

HERE is a photo of the birthday cake at the reception. The main-page photo above and a larger version HERE show the grad students available at 11:30am on Sept 15. From left to right, they are: Melissa Halford, Eckhart Spalding, Junhan Kim, Carolyn Raithel, Raga Pucha, Noah Salazar Rivera, Samantha Scibelli, Ya-Lin Wu, Ryan Keenan, Ryan Boyden, Jeremy Dietrich, Adam Sutherland, Harry Krantz, Yifan Zhou , Rixin Li, Christopher Bilinski, Christine O'Donnell, Katrina Litke, Andrew Sevrinsky, Jianwei Lyu, Mengtao Teng, Minghao Yue, Allison Hughes, Erin Maier, Michael Hammer, David Ball, Ramesh Mainali, Sixiang Wen, Joseph Long. 


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