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First and Second Year Grad Students Back on Campus

On August 25, 2021, we welcomed the second-year grad students and new grad students back to campus after this long COVID closure. The photo above shows both groups of students: (from left to right) Xiangyu Jin, Hayden Foote, Jasmin Washington, Vivian Carvajal, Maria Gabriela Cota, Jeniveve Pearson, Christa DeCoursey, Jake Helton, Rebecca Minsley, Maria Pudoka, Joe Adamo, Nick Schragal, Yu-Hsiu Huang, Evan Mayer, Yang Sun.

(Not pictured - first-year students: Donghyeon (Jeff) Khim, Chia-Lin Ko second-year students: Haley Bowden, Soley Hyman, Aafaque Khan, Sophie Lebowitz, Matthew Murphy, Lily Whitler)

A more formal photo of the first-year students can be seen HERE, with the second-year students HERE.

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