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Sir Roger Penrose, Deepak Chopra Headed to UA for Consciousness Conference's 20th Anniversary

Penrose is this year's keynote speaker. He'll also give a public talk on astrophysics on April 21 at Steward Observatory, speaking about evidence for his theory that the Big Bang was preceded by another aeon, and another before that, suggesting we live in a serial, rather than parallel, universe.

Physics Open Day: Saturday, March 15

In keeping with annual tradition, the UA Physics Department opens its doors to the public on Saturday, March 15 (the first day of the Tucson Festival of Books).

A Small Step Toward Discovering Habitable Earths

For the first time, UA astronomers have used the same imaging technology found in a digital camera to take a picture of a planet far from our solar system with an Earth-based telescope.

NASA's Asteroid-Capture Mission Uses New Screening Process To Choose Space Rock Targets

The space agency aims to use a robotic spacecraft to haul a near-Earth asteroid into a stable lunar orbit, where astronauts would visit it in the future.

Giant Magellan Telescope Poised to Enter Construction Phase

Featuring the world's most advanced mirror design – developed at the UA – the Giant Magellan Telescope has cleared its design phase and now heads in to production.

Just Coming Through: Asteroid Toutatis

Just Coming Through: Asteroid Toutatis

On the evening of Dec. 11, asteroid Toutatis whizzed by the Earth at a comfortable yet – cosmically speaking – close distance of...


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