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The University of Arizona and the Department of Astronomy conferred our first Ph.D.’s in Astronomy in 1965. In 2017, with the approval of the Board of Regents and the University, the Ph.D. offered by the Department of Astronomy was renamed Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy and Astrophysics. 

Starting during the pandemic of 2020, some of our Ph.D. student dissertation defenses were recorded and are available at this location







2023 Keenan, Ryan PhD D. Marrone Thesis
2023 Boyden, Ryan PhD J. Eisner Thesis
2023 Hviding, Raphael PhD M. Rieke, K. Hainline Thesis
2023 Pucha, Ragadeepika PhD S. Juneau, A. Dey Thesis
2023 Sun, Fengwu PhD E. Egami Thesis
2023 Bozzola, Gabriele PhD V. Paschalidis Thesis
2023 Dietrich, Jeremy PhD D. Apai Thesis
2023 Krantz, Harrison PhD E. Pearce Thesis
2023 Long, Joseph PhD J. Males Thesis
2023 Scibelli, Samantha PhD Y. Shirley Thesis  
2023 Carvajal, Vivian MS G. Rieke Thesis
2022 Endsley, Ryan PhD D. Stark Thesis
2022 Litke Marslender, Katrina Carol PhD D. Marrone Thesis
2022 Kadowaki, Jennifer PhD D. Zaritsky Thesis
2022 Yue, Minghao PhD X. Fan Thesis
2021 Bilinski, Chris PhD N. Smith Thesis
2021 Hammer, Michael PhD K. Kratter Thesis
2021 Bixel, Alex PhD D. Apai Thesis  
2021 Garavito Camargo, Juan Nico PhD G. Besla Thesis
2020 Ball, David PhD F. Ozel Thesis
2020 Li, Rixin PhD A. Youdin Thesis
2020 O'Donnell, Christine PhD P. Behroozi Thesis
2020 Raithel, Carolyn PhD F. Ozel Thesis
2020 Senchyna, Peter PhD D. Stark Thesis
2020 Smullen, Rachel PhD K. Kratter Thesis
2020 Spalding, Eckhart PhD K. Morzinski Thesis
2020 Tang, Mengtao PhD D. Stark Thesis
2020 Wagner, Kevin PhD D. Apai Thesis
2019 Kim, Junhan PhD D. Marrone Thesis
2019 Lesser, David PhD C. Walker Thesis
2019 Lyu, Jianwei PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2019 Mainali, Ramesh PhD D. Stark Thesis
2019 Patel, Ekta PhD G. Besla Thesis
2019 Schmidt, Deborah PhD L. Zuirys Thesis
2019 Zhou, Yifan PhD D. Apai Thesis
2018 Halford, Melissa PhD D. Zaritsky Thesis
2018 Rackham, Ben PhD D. Apai Thesis
2018 Schindler, Jan-Torge PhD X. Fan Thesis
2018 Svoboda, Brian PhD Y. Shirley Thesis
2018 Wu, Ya-Lin PhD L. Close Thesis
2017 French, Katheryn PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2017 Kiminki, Megan PhD N. Smith Thesis
2017 Sallum, Stephanie PhD J. Eisner Thesis
2017 Schneider, Evan PhD B. Robertson Thesis
2017 Sheehan, Patrick PhD J. Eisner Thesis
2017 Spilker, Justin PhD D. Marrone Thesis
2017 Wilson, Michelle PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2016 Ballering, Nicholas PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2016 Baubock, Michael PhD D. Psaltis/F. Ozel Thesis
2016 Kilpatrick, Charles PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2016 Seo, Youngmin PhD Y. Shirley Thesis
2015 Bailey, Vanessa PhD P. Hinz Thesis
2015 Reiter, Megan PhD N. Smith Thesis
2015 Stone, Jordan PhD J. Eisner Thesis
2015 Walth, Gregory PhD E. Egami Thesis
2014 Follette, Kate PhD L. Close Thesis
2014 You, Chang MS A. Zabludoff     ~
2014 Swift, Brandon MS C. Walker     ~
2014 Ford, Amanda PhD R. Dave Thesis
2014 Metha, Kushal PhD P. Pinto / D. Eisenstein     ~
2014 Penner, Kyle PhD M. Dickinson Thesis
2014 Teske, Johanna PhD C. Griffin Thesis
2013 Rodigas, Timothy PhD P. Hinz Thesis
2013 Xu, Lei PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2013 Males, Jared PhD L. Close Thesis
2013 Moats, Stephanie MS A. Showman ~
2013 Wong, Ken PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2012 Espinoza, Pablo MS G. Rieke ~
2012 Just, Dennis PhD D. Zaritsky Thesis
2012 Stock, Nathan MS P. Hinz      ~
2012 Tyler, Krystal PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2012 Bian, Fu-Yan PhD X. Fan Thesis
2012 Kopon, Derek PhD L. Close Thesis
2012 Rujopakarn, Wiphu PhD G.Rieke Thesis
2012 Schlingman, Wayne PhD Y. Shirley, E. Prather Thesis
2012 Xu, Xiaoying PhD D. Eisenstein, C. Walker Thesis
2012 Flaherty, Kevin PhD G.Rieke Thesis
2011 Gabor, Jared PhD R. Dave Thesis
2011 Herbert-Fort, Stephane PhD D. Zaritsky Thesis
2011 Juneau, Stephanie PhD M. Dickinson  Thesis
2011 Nielsen, Eric PhD L. Close Thesis
2011 Gaspar, Andras PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2011 Skemer, Andrew PhD L. Close Thesis
2011 Cortes, Stephanie MS J.Eisner ~
2010 Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2010 Bussmann, Robert (Shane) PhD A. Dey Thesis
2010 Sivanandam, Suresh PhD M. Rieke Thesis
2010 Trump, Jonathan PhD C. Impey Thesis
2010 Greissl, Julia PhD M. Meyer Thesis
2009 Finlator, Kristian PhD R. Dave, F. Ozel Thesis
2009 Metchnik, Marc PhD P. Pinto Thesis
2009 Prescott, Moire PhD A. Dey Thesis
2009 Stutz, Amelia PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2009 Momcheva, Ivelina PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2009 Eriksen, Kristopher PhD D. Arnett Thesis
2008 Cool, Richard PhD D. Eisenstein Thesis
2008 Jiang, Linhua PhD X. Fan Thesis
2008 Kelly, Brandon PhD J. Bechtold Thesis
2008 Shi, Yong PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2008 Donley, Jennifer PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2008 Yang, Yujin PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2008 Murphy, Jeremiah PhD A. Burrows Thesis
2008 Oppenheimer, Benjamin PhD J. Bieging Thesis
2008 Besel, Marc-Andre MS ~ ~
2007 Narayanan, Desika PhD C. Walker Thesis
2007 Biller, Beth PhD L. Close Thesis
2007 Bai, Lei PhD M. Rieke, G, Rieke Thesis
2007 Cui, Jun PhD J. Bechtold Thesis
2007 Hedden, Abby PhD C. Walker Thesis
2007 Heinze, Aren N. PhD P. Hinz Thesis
2007 Pessah, Martin PhD D. Psaltis Thesis
2007 Seo, Hee-Jong PhD D. Eisenstein Thesis
2007 Siegler, Nicholas PhD L. Close Thesis
2007 Liu, Wilson PhD P. Hinz Thesis
2007 Marble, Andrew PhD C. Impey Thesis
2006 Gorlova, Nadiya PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2006 Moustakas, John PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
2006 Rigby, Jane Rebecca PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2006 Lee, Janice PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
2006 Leistra, Andrea PhD J. Liebert Thesis
2006 Meakin, Casey PhD D. Arnett Thesis
2005 Kohnenkamp, Ive Alberto MS R. Green ~
2004 Christlein, Daniel PhD A. Zabludoff Thesis
2004 Mamajek. Eric PhD M. Meyer Thesis
2004 Young. Patrick PhD D. Arnett Thesis
2004 Bailin, Jeremy PhD M. Steinmetz Thesis
2004 Moro-Martin, Amaya PhD R. Malhotra, M. Meyer Thesis
2004 Turnbull, Margaret PhD N. Woolf Thesis
2004 Peng, Chien PhD C. Impey Thesis
2004 Hungerford, Aimee PhD P. Pinto Thesis
2004 Monkiewicz, Jacquelyn MS Zaritsky ~
2003 Finn, Rose PhD D. Zaritsky Thesis
2003 Groppi, Christopher PhD C. Walker Thesis
2003 Hinz, Joannah PhD G. Rieke Thesis
2003 Knierman, Karen MS P. Knezek ~
2002 Sudarsky, David PhD A. Burrows Thesis
2002 Scott, Jennifer PhD J. Bechtold Thesis
2001 Pariev, Vladimir PhD J. Jokipii Thesis
2001 Rudnick, Gregory PhD H. Rix Thesis
2001 Hamuy, Mario PhD P. Pinto Thesis
2001 Ivanov, Valentin PhD M. Rieke Thesis
2001 McIntosh, Daniel PhD H. Rix Thesis
2001 Harding, Paul PhD J. Liebert Thesis
2001 Kulesa, Craig PhD C. Walker Thesis
2000 Gottbrath, Christopher MS ~ ~
2000 Hinz, Philip PhD R. Angel Thesis
2000 Saucedo Morales, Julio PhD J. Bieging Thesis
1999 Burkholder, Valerie MS ~ ~
1999 Wells, Lisa MS ~ ~
1999 Marietta, Evonne PhD A. Burrows Thesis
1998 Jian, Liu MS ~ ~
1998 Petry, Cathy MS ~ ~
1998 Luhman, Kevin PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1998 Ge, Jian PhD R. Angel Thesis
1998 Pickering, Timothy PhD C. Impey Thesis
1998 Turner, Anne PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
1997 Bresolin, Fabio PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
1997 Engelbracht, Chad PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1997 Glenn, Jason PhD C. Walker Thesis
1997 Narayanan, Gopal PhD C. Walker Thesis
1997 Sarajedini, Vicki (Mader) PhD R. Green Thesis
1997 Dayal, Aditya PhD J. Bieging Thesis
1997 Ruiz, Milagros PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1997 Hall, Patrick PhD R. Green Thesis
1997 Hooper, Eric PhD C. Impey Thesis
1997 Wittman, Dave PhD D. McCarthy Thesis
1996 Fryer, Chris PhD W. Benz Thesis
1996 Dinshaw, Nadine PhD C. Impey Thesis
1996 Martin, Crystal PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
1996 Tamblyn, Peter PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1996 Liu, Charles PhD R. Green Thesis
1995 Close, Laird PhD D. McCarthy Thesis
1995 Fulbright, Michael Scott PhD W. Benz Thesis
1995 Shier, Lisa PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1995 Williams, Douglas M. PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1995 Oey, Marion Siang-li PhD R. Kennicut Thesis
1995 Meyers-Rice, Barry Allen PhD E. Young Thesis
1994 Sprayberry, David PhD C. Impey Thesis
1994 McLeod, Kim PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1994 McLeod, Brian PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1993 Regester, Jeffrey R. MS ~ ~
1993 Minniti, Dante PhD E. Olszewski, J. Liebert Thesis
1993 Popham, Robert G. PhD R. Naranyan Thesis
1992 Dow, Kim MS F. Low Thesis
1992 Kelly, Douglas M. PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1992 Grossman, Scott PhD R. Naranyan Thesis
1992 Haller, Joseph PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1992 Kirkpatrick, J. Davy PhD D. McCarthy Thesis
1992 Wolf-Chase, Grace Annamarie PhD C. Walker Thesis
1991 Kirby, Diana (Jill) MS G. Rieke Thesis
1991 Clemens, Cathy MS F. Low Thesis
1991 Lloyd-Hart, Mike PhD R. Angel Thesis
1991 Foss, Diana MS ~ ~
1991 Henry, Todd Jackson PhD D. McCarthy Thesis
1991 Lowenthal, James PhD R. Green Thesis
1991 Rix, Hans-Walter PhD S. White Thesis
1991 Zaritsky, Dennis PhD S. White Thesis
1991 Greene, Tom PhD E. Young Thesis
1991 Hora, Joe PhD W. Hoffman Thesis
1991 Saffer, Rex PhD J. Liebert Thesis
1991 Walker, Constance PhD R. Martin Thesis
1990 Visnovsky, Karen MS ~     ~
1990 Jannuzi, Buell T. PhD R. Green Thesis
1989 Paley, Liz MS F. Low Thesis
1989 Ellingson, Erica PhD R. Green Thesis
1989 Haemmerle, Vance MS ~     ~
1989 Latter, William Bruce PhD J. Black Thesis
1989 Pompea, Stephen Mark PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1989 Cornell, Mark Edward PhD G. Bothun, S. White Thesis
1989 Rosenwald, Ross PhD H. Hill Thesis
1988 Lesser, Michael PhD R. Angel Thesis
1988 Elston, Richard PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1988 Kailey, Walt PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1988 Walker, Christopher PhD CJ Lada Thesis
1988 Fleming, Thomas A. PhD J. Liebert Thesis
1987 Cheng, Andrew PhD R. Angel Thesis
1987 Cook, Kem PhD M. Aaronson, E. Olszewski Thesis
1987 Margulis, Mike PhD CJ Lada Thesis
1987 West, Steve PhD G, Schmidt Thesis
1987 Beardsley, Burt PhD H. Hill Thesis
1986 Penning, Bill PhD J. Liebert Thesis
1985 Bechtold, Jill PhD R. Green Thesis
1985 Fuentes-Williams, Ted MS ~     ~
1985 Cutri, Roc PhD G, Rieke Thesis
1984 Campbell, Bel PhD R. Thompson Thesis
1984 Eisenhardt, Peter PhD M. Rieke Thesis
1984 Hill, John PhD R. Angel Thesis
1984 Schiano, Allen PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1983 Ferguson, Don PhD J. Liebert Thesis
1982 Davila, Joe PhD J. Scott Thesis
1981 Hubbard, Gene PhD R. Angel Thesis
1981 Routsis, Diane MS ~     ~
1981 Turnshek, Dave PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1981 Adams, Mark PhD S. Strom Thesis
1981 Moore, Rich PhD R. Angel Thesis
1980 Duerr, Ruth MS ~     ~
1980 Gural, Pete MS ~     ~
1980 Boroson, Todd PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1980 Giampapa, Mark PhD P. Worden Thesis
1980 Romanishin, Bill PhD S. Strom Thesis
1979 Gresham, Mike MS ~     ~
1979 Wilkerson, Susan PhD S. Strom Thesis
1978 Peterson, Brad PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1978 Schmidt, Gary PhD R. Angel Thesis
1978 Coleman, Gary PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1978 Allen, Rich PhD R. Thompson Thesis
1978 Gautier, Nick PhD G. Rieke Thesis
1978 Tapia Perez, Santiago PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1977 Jensen, Eric PhD R. Williams Thesis
1977 Stocke, John PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1977 Johnson, Keith MS ~     ~
1977 Harris, Dan PhD N. Woolf Thesis
1976 Vrba, Fred PhD S. Strom Thesis
1976 McCarthy, Don PhD F. Low Thesis
1976 Pratt, John PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1976 Sargent, Tom PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1976 Schuster, Bill PhD H. Johnson Thesis
1976 Capps, Rich PhD N. Woolf Thesis
1976 Doose, Lyn Richard PhD M. Tomasko Thesis
1975 Grandi, Steve PhD G. Gilbert Thesis
1975 Mosley, David MS T. Swihart     ~
1975 Scott, John PhD P. Strittmater Thesis
1975 Ahmad, Imad PhD T. Swihart Thesis
1975 Hintzen, Paul PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1975 Worden, Pete PhD P. Strittmatter Thesis
1975 Connolly, Leo PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1975 Lubart, Neil PhD W. J. Cocke Thesis
1975 Geary, John PhD G. Gilbert Thesis
1975 Rydgren, A. Eric PhD S. Strom Thesis
1974 Ferguson, Dale PhD W. J. Cocke Thesis
1974 Gregory, Steve PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1974 Thompson, Laird PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1974 Clements, Arthur PhD M. Tomasko Thesis
1973 Kraft, Timothy MS ~     ~
1973 Ebisch, Konrad MS ~ Thesis
1973 Dukes, Robert PhD W. Fitch Thesis
1972 Allen, Carleton C. MS ~     ~
1972 Mantarakis, Peter MS ~     ~
1972 Shuart, Ross MS ~ Thesis
1972 Smith, Bradford M. MS ~     ~
1972 Dunlap, J. Lawrence MS ~ Thesis
1972 Jennings, Mark PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1972 Muncaster, George MS ~ Thesis
1972 Fogarty, William PhD Pacholczyk Thesis
1971 Cordwell, Carolyn MS ~ Thesis
1971 Hudson, Katherine MS ~ Thesis
1971 Glaspey, John PhD B. Bok Thesis
1971 Smith,  Myron PhD T. Swihart Thesis
1971 Bailey, Wayne PhD R. Thompson Thesis
1971 Miller, Ellis PhD B. Bok     ~
1971 Schreur, Julian PhD B. Bok Thesis
1970 Hayward, Robert MS ~ Thesis
1970 Havlen, Robert PhD B. Westerlund Thesis
1970 Hollars, Dennis MS ~ Thesis
1970 Zellner, Benjamin PhD T. Gehrels Thesis
1969 Howell, John M. MS ~ Thesis
1969 Jewsbury, Cliff MS ~ Thesis
1969 Snell, Charles MS E. Roemer Thesis
1969 Hartmann, Alice MS ~ Thesis
1969 Cromwell, Richard PhD A. B. Meinel Thesis
1969 Hoxie, Dwight PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1968 Lopez-Lopez, Fernando Jose MS ~ Thesis
1968 Petelinek, Anita MS ~     ~
1968 Stockton, Alan PhD ~ Thesis
1968 Chaffee, Fred PhD H. Abt Thesis
1968 Coffeen, David PhD T. Gehrels Thesis
1968 Chapman, Gary PhD N. Sheeley Thesis
1968 Moore, Elliot PhD W. Tifft Thesis
1967 Barry, Don PhD A. B. Meinel Thesis
1967 Margrave, Tom PhD T. Swihart Thesis
1967 Lee, Tom PhD H. Johnson Thesis
1966 Brown, David MS ~ Thesis
1966 Hartmann, William PhD G.P. Kuiper Thesis
1965 Arny, Tom PhD R. Weymann Thesis
1965 Aveni, Tony PhD A. B. Meinel Thesis
1965 Owen, Tobias PhD G. P. Kuiper Thesis
1965 Reitmeyer, William (Larry) PhD H. Johnson Thesis
1965 Steffey, Philip PhD W. Fitch Thesis
1963 Vanek, Polly MS ~ Thesis
1959 Chriss, Michael MS E. Carpenter Thesis
1930 Keenan, Philip Childs MS ~     ~


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