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Business Office Personnel




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Mark Buglewicz
Associate Director, Business Services
Phone: (520) 621-6536
♦ Principal financial and personnel officer
Christina Siqueiros
Manager, Business & Personnel Services
Phone: (520) 621-2371
♦ Principal financial & personnel officer - Responsible for implementing policies, audits, & management of state,
local, auxiliary accounts, and Director reports.

♦ Responsible for management of all personnel services, including employee relations, hiring recommendations, & effort reporting


Accounting / Operations


Corina Bedoy.jpg

Corina Bedoy
Operations Manager
Phone: (520) 621‐2280
♦ Online reporting contact
♦ Analysis & Reporting
♦ SOBO operations processes & procedures
♦ FM Reporting / Inventory



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Diana Sigala.jpg


Jennifer Lundin
Accounting - payroll
Phone: (520) 621‐0045

♦ Timesheet Processing

♦ Payroll Reconciliation

♦ SET Corrections

♦ Payroll Projections &




Diana Gerardo (Sigala)
Accounting - Non-Payroll
Phone: (520) 621-2215
♦ Online System Reporting
♦ Non-Payroll Reconciliation
♦ PO Setup
♦ P-Card Checkout



Ana Ruiz
Office Support
Phone: (520) 621-3820

♦ P-Card recon/compliance

♦ Travel Authorizations/Expense

♦ Employee Reimbursement

♦ PO-Payment Requests

♦ Vendor Payments





Grants & Contract Management


Jennifer Pierson.jpg
Jennifer Pierson
Manager, Grants & Contracts Phone: (520) 621-1938
♦ Manages Grants Team
♦ Manages departments’ pre and post award processes
♦ Provides financial oversight of all grants and contracts

Sara Gordon
Research Administrator, Postaward
Grants & Contracts
♦ Responsible for post award activities including reviewing and setting up new awards, processing modifications, reviewing cost share, performing award close out, processing sub award documents amonth other items.
♦Prepares specialized analysis and reports. Assists researchers with account review and corrections.
♦ Serves as account delegate, approving transactions and monitoring account activity.

Jennifer Stones
Research Administrator
Grants and Contracts

♦ Responsible for pre award activities including budget preparation, routing proposals in UA and sponsor systems, handling any re-budgets, assiting with Current and Pending and other required proposal documentation.

♦Prepares specialized analysis and reports.

♦ Serves as a resource for departmental proposal inquiries.



Property/Building Maintenance

Gabe Coronado
Building Monitor
Phone: (520) 304-6880

♦ Building Maintenance & Monitoring
♦ Inventory of department equipment, surplus property, vehicle reporting, & insurance claims




Student office support

Student office support

Student office support

All photos courtesy Frank S. Gacon

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