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Grants and Contracts


The Steward Observatory Grants Team is responsible for pre-award, post-award as well as approving most transactions on grant and fixed price accounts. Our team prepares and/or reviews an average of 150 proposals per year and oversees 380 grants and contracts.

Please contact our business office team at

Note: This email replaces so-pre and so-post @

Or you may contact Jennifer Pierson, Manager of Grants & Contracts


Please alert us as soon as possible when planning a proposal. The Grants Team will assist you with reviewing the solicitation, proposal preparation and submission.

Please note that the UA requires an internal proposal in the UA Research system (UAR) to accept any funds sent by a sponsor. All proposals must be routed in UAR in conjunction with the Sponsor system (NSPIRES, STGMS, FASTLANE, etc). There is a 3-day internal deadline, which means we must have the proposal submitted and fully approved in UAR along with submission in the Sponsor system 3 business days before the solicitation deadline.

PROPOSAL CONTENT (Basic for UAR routing, does not include sponsor requirement):


Steward Proposal Reference Sheet w/Rates (Includes GRAD rates)


Please communicate with us regarding your accounts and any no cost extensions. We regularly review accounts, provide summaries and projections, take care of transfers and position funding, as well as many other post award tasks. We maintain daily contact with UA Sponsored Projects and will alert you of any outstanding reports or deficits.

What are Effort Certs? Error Certifications (electronic after-the-fact activity reports) are a summary of pay on federally sponsored accounts. At UA, this is done every 6 months and our next cycle for January through June 2020 are coming out soon. Fiscal Officers and PI's have 30 days to review and approve.


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